Over Sized Redfish Fishing Charter in Marathon Beach, Florida

Over Sized Redfish Fishing Charter

Florida is a destination with endless things to offer. North Florida in particular and especially on the east coast provide ample ways to get outdoors. Due to exceptional weather year round, you can really get some activities off your bucket list. An over sized redfish fishing charter should most certainly be one of those activities.

There is something about Florida waters that truly captivate you. One of the many reasons is the ability to hook into something legendary. Every cast can yield a surprise that can revolutionize the way you feel about fishing and the outdoors. Getting outdoors especially in Florida is a great way to bond with loved ones or family. Florida is known to be the fishing capital of the world. If you have an inclination to go out and fish, hop on board one of our fishing vessels for a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

One of the best parts about fishing with us here at iOutdoor is that you can trust that you will be fishing with an expert. Our fishing Captains have years of experience. They have spent hours and days on the water honing in their craft. As a result, you are almost guaranteed the best opportunities to target the species you are after. When it comes to Redfish Fishing, there is no better at fishing for them then Captain Brad Kayholm.

Marathon Beach is home to some of the best inshore fishing for Redfish in the world. Several locations across the nation produce great action but nothing like this. While you are here for vacation or truly searching for that trophy bull redfish, make sure you get out and give it your best chance. It seems like this time of year is one of the best times to do so. Hop on board and let your local expert cruise you to the spot where you will hook into the biggest fish of your life.  Over Sized Redfish Fishing Charter 1

Every year people travel to Florida and specifically Marathon Beach to come catch this Bull Redfish. A last minute change to plans led 90 year old Chris and his grandson Christopher on an amazing journey to catch redfish. Mosquito Lagoon has been one of the most productive areas to do this in the whole state. Due to the excellent conditions even though it has its water issues, you can catch big redfish here most of the year.

The main goal of this fishing charter was landing the biggest fish of their life. They wanted to shatter both of their redfish records. The west coast has some excellent fishing as well but nothing like this east coast action. It was a must that they traveled from Tampa to search out a bucket list fish. Consequently, they ended up catching multiple oversized bull redfish.

Captain Brad, put Chris and Christopher on 7 oversized bull redfish. One of the fish was 46 inches long and got to live another day. As well, one of the redfish was truly unique. It had 93 spots on it. You don’t get to see or catch this quality of fish every fishing trip. If you are looking to get in on some of this fishing action, you have to Visit Marathon Beach.

Over Sized Redfish Fishing Charter 2Chris and Christopher got to spend some quality time and had an absolute blast fishing this amazing place. They will be back to the east coast for more action. Captain Brad is looking forward to the opportunity to get them back on the water again soon!

Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure next time you are visiting North Florida. Our Florida inshore fishing charters can bring you exceptional value and memories worth a lifetime. When you adventure out after big bull redfish, you will not be disappointed. We are looking forward to seeing you on the water next time!

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Florida.

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Honeymoon Marathon Redfish Fishing in Northeast Florida

Marathon Redfish Fishing

Marathon Beach is one of the most unique and beautiful destinations in Florida. The sandy beaches and warm sunshine make it a very attractive place to visit and spend quality time with your loved ones. A honeymoon is the perfect time to get to experience this destination. While you are here, don’t miss out on Marathon redfish fishing for your chance to catch the biggest fish of your life.

Northeast Florida holds excellent waters for outdoor fishing adventures. This corner of Florida is by far one of the BEST destinations to come catch Trophy Redfish. One of the many blessings is that you don’t have to wait a very long time to land yours. Hop on board with one of our local experts and they will take you to the most productive fishing holes for trophy reds.

A Trophy Redfish, or more recognizably known as a Bull Red are some of the most sought after inshore game fish in the nation. Florida is a very strong fishing destination for catching these fish. Late summer too early fall is when these big fish begin to mate and move into the shallow waters of various estuaries and river systems.

Many come to visit and fish this region of Florida strictly for that Trophy Fish. Years of experience will allow you to key in on certain techniques in order to catch a Bull Red. Marathon Redfish fishing provides the best opportunities to get the job done. Live bait is the most effective method when catching redfish. Large croakers, crabs, grunts and mullet will produce the best bite for these GIANT fish.

Fishing for Redfish in Florida is not the easiest task and you have to be very knowledgeable of your area. Captain Brad Kayholm is by FAR the Redfish Expert in Northeast Florida. If you are looking for the most incredible fishing adventure of your life, Marathon Beach is not only the destination for you but Captain Brad will help you get it done. Come enjoy a Marathon Inshore Fishing Charter!

Marathon Redfish Fishing for Bull Reds

July has been ultra productive in catching big redfish. Brittany and her husband were on their honeymoon in Marathon Beach and wanted to explore and catch some redfish here in Florida. One of the many rewards for our captains is spending moments like this with their clients and providing memories worth a lifetime.

As routine, Captain Brad called Brittany the night before their fishing trip to confirm all the details the morning was going to bring. Brittany expressed that she wanted one thing and one thing only, a GIANT BULL RED FISH.

Marathon redfish fishing did not let them down. It was not long into their trip that they got the bite they wanted. After a short but long 10 minute battle, Brittany’s redfish showed itself. When that fish revealed itself on the surface laughter and screams let out. It is only natural that this would happen as this fish was a true Bull and Trophy.

Furthermore, the hard fight redfish put up will send adrenaline through your veins. It is one of the most exhilarating feelings you will ever get. If you love to fish, this is the best fish to come catch. Brittany tired out her trophy catch and brought it to the boat. After an amazing fight, Captain Brad netted this beauty, got a quick measurement and the most tantalizing photo you can get.

The Catch

Brittany’s Bull and Trophy Redfish measured in at 44” long. You truly can’t beat the action here in Northeast Florida. After capturing the moment, Brittany got to release this magical beast back into the waters of Marathon.

Most noteworthy, Catch and Release is our preferred method when fishing for big game fish. We strive to preserve our ecosystems but also provide someone else the opportunity to catch that trophy again.

Captain Brad was thoroughly excited for this amazing new married couple for landing this fish. It is memories like this that will not only last a lifetime for the Captain but also this couple. They get to start a new incredible relationship and chapter of their life landing her dream fish. Captain Brad is looking forward to the opportunity to tempt to break this catch next time they are visiting Florida.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity and adventure here in Northeast Florida. Just like Marathon redfish fishing didn’t let this couple down, it won’t for you either. All you have to do is step aboard our fishing vessel and let the expert Captain take you on that adventure you have dreamed about. Above all, we look forward to the opportunity to put a bull redfish in your hands soon.


More About the Florida Redfish:

Redfish are generally bronze or reddish with a white underbelly. One of the signature features of a redfish is its ringed spot or spots on the base of the tail fin. These game fish are delicious to eat when they are in the 10 pound range. Many consider as some of their favorite. Make sure you pay attention to all the rules and regulations put out by myFWC on harvesting. The Florida record comes in at 52 pounds, 5 ounces. You can catch redfish along all Florida coasts. Shell bars, rocky or grassy shorelines and shallow flats produce the best bite. Besides Marathon, Port Canaveral Fishing is also a great place to catch BIG Redfish. Don’t hesitate to research more about Redfish here at Florida Sportsman.

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Marathon Beach.

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Redfish In Ponce Inlet

Redfish In Ponce Inlet

Hello everyone, this is Capt Steve Niemoeller with my fishing report for inshore this time. We fished around and they were just wanting to catch a variety of species and we got lucky in one spot and ended up catching 5 different species redfish ladyfish jacks and a couple others there.

It seemed like every cast was a fish on the boat, we caught all of them off of the steel shad lures it is a great bait, it was fun they had a great time hope they come back down again next year and try out some other types of fishing we do, freshwater and saltwater, for all your fresh or saltwater fishing adventures go to marathonfishingfl.com.

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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Mosquito Lagoon Red Fishing


‘This is a big fish! This is a big fish! This is a big fish!” It was all Jim from Delaware could yell as his drag smoked and rod arched over underneath the power of a giant redfish screaming across the shallow grass flats.

Jim along with his new fishing buddy Al Iodice of New Hampshire had already fought and boated over a dozen big redfish on the spectacular morning of fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon near Titusville, Florida, most weighing between 10 and 15 pounds. However, the beast now being battled was an all-together different class of ‘big’.

Before the sudden chaos could completely grip the situation, Capt. Rocky quickly released the hydraulic Power Pole, grabbed his graphic push pole, manned the poling platform and began chasing down the big red beast.

Thirty minutes later, after thirty more shouts by Jim and thirty laps spun around the flats boat by Al with landing net in hand and thirty minutes of hard pushing by the captain while interspersing  blurbs of instructions and bursts laughter, the 30 pound, big bronzed beauty was finally aboard.

Afterwards, with arms aching, an adrenalin-drained Jim could be heard muttering, “That was a big fish.” (Pictured below are Jim and Al smiling broadly with one really ‘big fish’.)

Capt Rocky

Your Adventure Starts Today while Visiting Florida.

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Why is Mosquito Lagoon a Fishing Hotspot?

Why is Mosquito Lagoon a Fishing Hotspot?

Mosquito Lagoon, otherwise known as the “Redfish Capital of the World”, is part of the Indian River Lagoon system and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. There are many reasons why many anglers flock to Mosquito Lagoon mostly because of its well-preserved environment and fishing habitat.

Why is it a Hotspot for Fishing?

First of all, Mosquito Lagoon has no residential development along the shoreline so there are no civilizations that disturb the waters at a regular basis. Second, there are no businesses or agricultural runoff to poison the water. There are also no causeways across the narrow lagoon separating the mainland from the barrier island, which gives fish freely flowing water. There are also 20 miles of lush seagrass which covers the flats where depths average only less than three feet. In these areas, many natural baits or food for redfish and spotted seatrout making these species grow to legendary sizes.

Protecting Mosquito Lagoon

A good number of anglers have been coming to Mosquito Lagoon for so many years along with their boats. This has caused some ecological changes in the lagoon’s environment most especially the formation of prop scars. Prop scars are shallow troughs dredged by propellers uprooting grass. Scarring has been happening at an alarming rate and it takes seven years to heal.

In order to protect the Mosquito Lagoon, the US Fish & Wildlife Service has established marked “poll and troll” zones. It is best for anglers to be mindful of lagoon fishing rules and regulations before actually catching some fish. There are also some tips to help preserve the natural habitat and seagrass in the lagoon. These tips include going light by eliminating excess gear, use a kayak or canoe, and learn to use the wind instead of the propeller.