Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charter

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charter

Florida Fishing has been incredible this summer. Year round you can travel to the state and catch the fish of a lifetime. Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Charter can be an awesome adventure for both or the family.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Tyler and his girlfriend that wanted to get out on the water for a great fishing experience. Mosquito Lagoon is the perfect location to do so with excellent redfish, tarpon and drum fishing.

It was an early morning start for the couple racing out at 6am. We got some action cruising to multiple different spots around the Lagoon. At first light, we chased tarpon and got a few hits but nothing held.

After chasing a school of black drum as well with no takers, we went to one of my favorite redfish spots. The whole trip was a blast to be able to fish the different locations. Tyler and his mate caught 5 quality redfish at this location.

They are looking forward to coming back and fishing with us again. The inshore experience was awesome for them and something they will continue to cherish and remember.

More About Mosquito Lagoon:

If stalking trophy Redfish in water barely deep enough to cover their backs is your idea of exciting fishing, then the “Redfish Capital of the World” is your next destination. Mosquito Lagoon extends from Ponce Inlet to the Indian River in Titusville. It is a shallow water fishing paradise year round with one of the most unique ecosystems around the world. The Lagoon is conveniently located 45 minutes from Orlando. You can even experience the Kennedy Space Center from your fishing destination.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Tom exploring Mosquito Lagoon .

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Florida Fishing Volusia County

Florida Fishing Volusia County

Volusia County is known for its incredible Florida Fishing Adventures from inshore to deep sea. Florida Fishing Volusia County in the summer time has been amazing and something you will never forget. The elaborate network labyrinth of creeks, rivers, sloughs and backwater bays provide protection and cover for the abundant inshore species.

Every time you leave the dock, you are embarking on a Florida Fishing Adventure of a lifetime. Saltwater Inshore Fishing has dominated the fishing on the coast and has created the ultimate opportunity to catch the fish of your dreams.

The Halifax River, Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River are amazing high quality habitats for Redfish, Sea Trout, Snook and Black Drum. Our Captains have specialized in catching these inshore species and know the waters the best.

Captain Steve has been fishing these waters for over 15 years. He has had incredible success on the Ponce Inlet and Mosquito Lagoon, where redfish and snook dominate the waters. Captain Chris also has prospered in these local areas and across the whole North East coast of Florida catching monster sea trout and redfish.

Freshwater Fishing Volusia County

Freshwater Fishing is also a great way to experience Volusia County. Inland bodies of water close to the beautiful beaches hold some of the BEST largemouth bass fishing in the state of Florida. Our captains also specialize on these bodies of water as well. Fishing in Daytona Beach & Marathon area is an adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

The St. Johns River and its tributaries can create memories of a lifetime. Exploring what Volusia County has to offer can be a great experience for the family or a group of great friends. Lake George and Lake Monroe are home to trophy largemouth bass. It is the location you are most likely to catch your next personal best.

When traveling to the state of Florida, do not miss out on your opportunity to venture out and try something unique and different. It is only a matter of time that you land the fish you are looking for. Sit back and enjoy while you travel through beautiful North Florida and let our captains put you on the fish of a lifetime.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Steve, Capt Brad and Chris exploring Daytona Fishing and Marathon area.

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Discover More Daytona Inshore Fishing.

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Florida Matanzas Inlet Redfish Fishing

Florida Matanzas Inlet Redfish Fishing

Florida Matanzas Inlet Redfish Fishing has been at its finest. All species of fish are gearing up for the warm summer months. In this process, Inshore Red Fish are becoming more active in the inlets. Matanzas Inlet is very productive fishing hole currently.

Captain Steve and Chris are highly knowledge guides for this area. They have been actively searching out waters and catching quality Red Fish.

Sight fishing these amazing, hard fighting fish is some of the most exciting techniques to catching the Reds. The Captains are paying close attention to where the bait fish are moving as the Red Fish will surely follow. You really have to stalk out the school by watching for ripples or fins on the surface of the water.

Palm Coast is beautiful this time of year. Many people love to sight see and explore the inshore flats. Part of the inlet is an aged set of Cannons. It is a landmark that is unique to this part of Florida.

The Matanzas Inlet is a channel in Florida between the barrier islands connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the south end of the Matanzas River. It is not stabilized by jetties and has constantly shifted over the years.

If you ever get a chance to visit Palm Coast, experience a trip that can provide information and knowledge of the local landmarks.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Steve Niemoeller on the St. John’s River.

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Redfish In Ponce Inlet

Redfish In Ponce Inlet

Hello everyone, this is Capt Steve Niemoeller with my fishing report for inshore this time. We fished around and they were just wanting to catch a variety of species and we got lucky in one spot and ended up catching 5 different species redfish ladyfish jacks and a couple others there.

It seemed like every cast was a fish on the boat, we caught all of them off of the steel shad lures it is a great bait, it was fun they had a great time hope they come back down again next year and try out some other types of fishing we do, freshwater and saltwater, for all your fresh or saltwater fishing adventures go to

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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

“Fishing has improved along Florida’s Space Coast. During the past few days, calm conditions and warmer temperatures have allowed anglers several opportunities to catch some nice fish throughout our region. To begin with, several nice speckled trout have been caught in both the Indian and Banana Rivers. Live shrimp or small scented jerk baits rigged under a popping cork has worked well during the mid-morning hours. When targeting trout, anglers can expect these fish to feed near sandy potholes in 2-4 feet of water. Anglers should keep in mind trout can be easily spooked at times. Making long casts while drifting can help increase your chances of catching a nice fish,” reports Capt. Keith Mixon of Mixin’ Work With Play Fishing Charters for this Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report.

“A few slot size redfish have also been caught in the northern end of the Indian River. Sight casting to them has worked best during calm conditions. Live shrimp or Bass Assassin’s four inch Saltwater Assassin’s Shrimp Cocktail in Houdini or Drunk Monkey color has worked well when rigged weedless. The key to hooking up with one of these redfish is to fish the bait as slowly as possible,” Mixon reports.

“At the port, a few tripletail have been caught along the Canaveral buoy line as well as floating structure. A free lined shrimp has been the bait of choice for these hard fighting fish. Sight casting is the best way to catch them when conditions are calm during mid-day. Some of these fish have measured up to 22 inches in length,” Mixon reports.

Our Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report allows you access to understand how the fish are moving and where you can catch Redfish. The Cape Canaveral Area is one of the best Redfish destinations in Florida. Inshore Fishing dominates and this is the perfect reason why. These river systems that make up the Lagoon provide ample fishing territory to enjoy an amazing fishing trip. Bring along your friends or families for an adventure of a lifetime on an Marathon Beach Fishing Charters.

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Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report

Mosquito Lagoon Red Fishing


‘This is a big fish! This is a big fish! This is a big fish!” It was all Jim from Delaware could yell as his drag smoked and rod arched over underneath the power of a giant redfish screaming across the shallow grass flats.

Jim along with his new fishing buddy Al Iodice of New Hampshire had already fought and boated over a dozen big redfish on the spectacular morning of fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon near Titusville, Florida, most weighing between 10 and 15 pounds. However, the beast now being battled was an all-together different class of ‘big’.

Before the sudden chaos could completely grip the situation, Capt. Rocky quickly released the hydraulic Power Pole, grabbed his graphic push pole, manned the poling platform and began chasing down the big red beast.

Thirty minutes later, after thirty more shouts by Jim and thirty laps spun around the flats boat by Al with landing net in hand and thirty minutes of hard pushing by the captain while interspersing  blurbs of instructions and bursts laughter, the 30 pound, big bronzed beauty was finally aboard.

Afterwards, with arms aching, an adrenalin-drained Jim could be heard muttering, “That was a big fish.” (Pictured below are Jim and Al smiling broadly with one really ‘big fish’.)

Capt Rocky

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Why is Mosquito Lagoon a Fishing Hotspot?

Why is Mosquito Lagoon a Fishing Hotspot?

Mosquito Lagoon, otherwise known as the “Redfish Capital of the World”, is part of the Indian River Lagoon system and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. There are many reasons why many anglers flock to Mosquito Lagoon mostly because of its well-preserved environment and fishing habitat.

Why is it a Hotspot for Fishing?

First of all, Mosquito Lagoon has no residential development along the shoreline so there are no civilizations that disturb the waters at a regular basis. Second, there are no businesses or agricultural runoff to poison the water. There are also no causeways across the narrow lagoon separating the mainland from the barrier island, which gives fish freely flowing water. There are also 20 miles of lush seagrass which covers the flats where depths average only less than three feet. In these areas, many natural baits or food for redfish and spotted seatrout making these species grow to legendary sizes.

Protecting Mosquito Lagoon

A good number of anglers have been coming to Mosquito Lagoon for so many years along with their boats. This has caused some ecological changes in the lagoon’s environment most especially the formation of prop scars. Prop scars are shallow troughs dredged by propellers uprooting grass. Scarring has been happening at an alarming rate and it takes seven years to heal.

In order to protect the Mosquito Lagoon, the US Fish & Wildlife Service has established marked “poll and troll” zones. It is best for anglers to be mindful of lagoon fishing rules and regulations before actually catching some fish. There are also some tips to help preserve the natural habitat and seagrass in the lagoon. These tips include going light by eliminating excess gear, use a kayak or canoe, and learn to use the wind instead of the propeller.

What are the best tasting fish in salt water?

Taste, of course, is a matter of personal preference. Something that tastes delicious to one person may not be tasty to another. Still, there are those that are thought delicious by most people. The following are some saltwater species that a lot of people think are the best tasting fish.

What are the best tasting fishWahoo

This fish is highly regarded by many gourmets. Its meat is white and delicate, delicious no matter how it is cooked.

Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish

Fondly called the “chicken of the sea”, this fish can be cooked in many ways. A lot of people consider this a favorite.


This is another favorite – can be raw wherein it is soft and juicy and can be cooked in several ways, such as fried or in soup, wherein the meat is flaky and delicious.

Monk Fish

With a tail meat that tastes like lobster, this fish is considered the “poor man’s lobster”. Although the fish, itself, does not look appealing, its meat is so delicious that many people consider this a favorite.


Halibut has low fat content and is so delicious that it still tastes wonderful even with little seasoning. This fish is often broiled, grilled, or fried.


A common ingredient in “fish and chips”, the meat of this fish is moist and flaky. Its liver is also considered a delicacy.


This is among the most popular fish – raw, smoked, or cooked. Aside from having a delicious meat, this fish is also favored because of its high nutritional value.


Most of the tuna species have a delicious meat, high nutritional value, and delicious even when canned.

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Fly fishing Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon, along with Indian River Lagoon, is considered “The Redfish Capital of the World” because redfish is found there all year through. Moreover, redfish caught in the lagoon are often large so that you’d best prepare the sturdiest rod to catch this species.

Because the Mosquito Lagoon is home to Florida’s largest concentration of redfish, it is considered a premier fly-fishing destination. A lot of anglers, even those from far lands, travel to this side of the world to catch redfish. In fact, there are equipments and boats for rent on the lagoon so that these traveling anglers need not bring along their own equipments. There are also many guides offering their expertise to bring anglers to the best spots to go fishing on these shallow salt waters.

The bait

Fly fishing uses bait that resembles flies, insects, or common baits like worms and minnows. There are plenty of different types of bait and lures available in the market. Just choose the one that is the most attractive or the one that resembles common bait.

Fly fishing at the lagoon

There are certain rules to follow when fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon. A permit or license is required before anyone can start off. Also remember that there are certain areas where angling or boats are not permitted such as in protected areas designated for manatees. It is important to know these specific areas plus where you’ll be able to get the most redfish catch.

It might take some time after you arrive at a certain portion of the lagoon to catch a redfish. Remember, the sound of the boat might have scared them away but be patient, cast your fly bait, and pretty soon the redfish will come back and bite it.

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